Written by Carol Christen
Monday, 23 August 2010 13:49

2011 is coming up fast. Now booking presentations.

The high rate of teen and young adult unemployment is only partly due to the bad economy.  Our youth can still find good jobs, achieve their education goals and build satisfying lives.  But, these accomplishments won't happen without hard work.

My presentations will educate about the causes of high unemployment and what young people can do to beat the odds.

Knowledge is power:  too many young adults have had their career dreams ambushed by obstacles that could have been anticipated.

Teens, parents, teachers, counselors and community members must get up to date at warp speed about the challenges to  achieving their personal and professional goals in the second decade of the economically tumultuous 21st century. 

If you'd like to book a presentation, workshop or longer training, do get in touch:

 Carol at CarolChristen dot com or 805 462-8795


“The impact of Carol Christen’s presentation at St Cuthbert's College, Auckland New Zealand was immense, and all positive. Carol’s breadth of knowledge and range of experience saw her share invaluable insights into the journey young people embark on through school toward the world of future study and work.


“… her real strength was her ability to capture an audience’s attention: parents and adolescents hanging on her every word. Carol’s infectious love of life and warmth coupled with a most credible research background makes it impossible not to sit up and listen. At times you could hear audible sighs of relief for parents and students alike as Carol debunked myths about career planning and took the fear out of considering the future.

Especially encouraging was Carol’s emphasis on not seeing the first post-school destination as one that would set a student’s future in concrete. Her gentle, gracious encouragement of the young to celebrate the fabulous world that lies ahead and to seize opportunities without hesitation or fear was empowering. Equally her interest in the parenting process and empathy for parents watching their children evolve saw parents nodding as she spoke.

“It was a privilege to host Carol at our school and our doors will always be open to her in the future, should we be that lucky that she ventures this way again.”

—Jenny Scott, Career Counselor St. Cuthberts College Auckland, New Zealand