Bonus - What’s Your Plan?

Hey, you’re in high school! You’re working really hard, but what comes next? It’s time to map a plan. Let’s get started with these 7 important action steps adapted from What Color is Your Parachute? for Teens.


Where do you see yourself in five years?

  • Independent and in a cool apartment in the city?
  • Living the life? (And just what kind of life is that?)
  • An uprooted upstart in another state or country?

Is it a job or is it a career?

You don’t have to pick a job for life when you’re 18!
Jobs are like clothing. Try on a few to find the perfect fit.

What’s it going to pay?

Starting salaries are usually lower than the average salary you see published.

And what’s it going to cost?

Student loans should be less than 2/3 of your likely starting salary or you won’t be able to pay your bills!

How much higher does my education need to go?

  • 60% of today’s jobs require training, education, or both after high school.
  • 22% of those require a bachelor’s degree.

Start a conversation.

  • To learn more about a career, talk to people in the field, the younger, the better.
  • Create contacts in your fields of interest.
  • Job shadow, intern or take an entry level position on a career path

It’s up to you!

Finding a job you’ll enjoy—one that matches your ambitions, education and interests—is your responsibility. Don’t expect someone to hand this to you.

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